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My company mainly sales: Kang Dasheng permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor, Kang Dasheng screw air compressor, and related auxiliary equipment, air compressor accessories; All sorts of mute type air compressor, all kinds of diesel type air compressor, various kinds of imported high precision; Oil and water separator, filter, all kinds of frozen type dryer, all kinds of storage tanks, each model diesel generating sets, etc.
We have high air compressor, intermediate professional and technical personnel, professional maintenance, maintenance and modification each piston, screw, sliding-vane, the vortex type air compressor. Professional design, alteration, installation of various large, medium and small air compressor QiZhan supporting engineering and the air compressor maintenance, modification, maintenance, etc.
We provide all kinds of air compressor free installation inspection, maintenance, maintenance. 24 hours door to door service for you!
Our service aim is "to provide clients with the most excellent products and perfect service, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!" .