Shenzhen baoan district xixiang Kang Dasheng electromechanical firm is committed to provide compressed air, the solution to meet the needs of various industries for high quality compressed air.
Company founded in 2008, is a focus on for the compressed air system and industrial energy saving users a wide range of areas, such as the overall design, technical consulting, energy saving transformation, the operation and maintenance, testing and other comprehensive energy-saving solutions.
Company set sales and service in a body comprehensive enterprise, has a group of professional air compressor engineers and technical personnel, professional to provide air compressor equipment selection, design, pipeline installation and all kinds of brand air compressor maintenance at home and abroad, at the same time in guangdong, fujian, jiangxi, hunan, guizhou, sichuan, xinjiang and other places to provide on-site installation, maintenance and repair related services, such as reliable operation for life.





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